​Élah: Noun

Ancient Soil, Origin, Roots. 



Our mission started with a desire to impact a soul or two. What could we do? 

We individually crossed paths with a couple of incredibly talented and optimistic artisans and entrepreneurs, that shifted our perspective. 


Jewelry makers, craftsmen and chocolatiers... We didn’t want a billion dollar idea, we wanted to share with you what they shared with us: a way of life. 


Our lifestyle brand pursues a philosophy based on free spirit, expression, and wellbeing through simple, everyday, handcrafted products.


Handcrafted, beautiful and conscious products that didn’t start with fads, fashion or loads of money, but with a love for creating. 

Keeping your commodity in mind, as a one stop online shop, we deliver products to your door step.

Through honest prices, our goal is to create a community based on embracing yourself, our planet, and the creativity of those in it.

We wanted to make a difference, and we finally learned how. 

Who are we? We are nomads grounding roots.


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