Mix & match your perfect pair of earrings with other Alma models. Get ideas from the pictures and create your own style!



Material: Brass

Alma Amorphous Egg Earring

Alma Earring

    We send the orders by DHL from our studio in Mexico City, between 4-10 days the package arrives . 


    15 days after the package arrives you can return your product, send an email to hello@zaavia.mx explaining the return reason. Payments after the delivery runs by the customer. 


    All our pieces are handmade by artisans in Guerrero, Mexico. Each piece has artisanal processes and the complementary materials are deadstock. There are differences between each piece. We celebrate the singularity and beauty that we find in  imperfections.

  • Small Circle : 3 cm

    Big thin circle : 6 cm

    Amorphous egg : 6 cm

    Horizontal D : 6 cm

    Double Little Circle : 6 cm

    Double big + Little Circle : 6 cm 

    Double little + amorphous egg : 12 cm

    Double amorphous egg+ little circle : 12 cm

    Double stick+ horizontal D : 12 cm

    Triple little circle+ horizontal stick + amourphous egg : 15 cm


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